It All Started

With Food Trucks

Why Fresno Tacos?

Simply, you can’t talk Fresno without talking Triple-A baseball and taco trucks.

Tacos & Baseball

It’s almost as if the die-hard fans of each truck are supporting their favorite baseball team.

Putting it all together

Tacos & baseball are who we are, hence the slogan, “We are what we eat”

Like No Other Team

No other Minor League Baseball teams doing Tacos realer than Fresno.

Team Love

Fresno Tacos represent a diverse population and love of what makes their city and area unique.

Best Fans

We come to support our favorite truck, but more importantly, celebrate community.

We are what we eat

More than a Fresno or Central Valley thing

Since their inception, Fresno Tacos merchandise has been purchased by and shipped to folks in all 50 states, Mexico, Canada and several overseas countries.

The last two seasons, Fresno Tacos gear has by far been Minor League Baseball’s most unique recurring uniform on the field, and the most talked about merchandise off it.

Three unique on-field Fresno Tacos caps are already available for purchase, with the 2017 on-field cap in the design stages, to be released soon this offseason!

Quantities are limited. Get your Tacos gear today!

Taco Truck Throwdown 6

August 18, 2016

At last year’s Taco Truck Throwdown, a record-setting crowd of more than 16,900 fans came to Chukchansi Park and ate more than 38,000 tacos. This year’s event is Thursday, August 18, and it’s going to be even bigger! Taco Truck Throwdown 6, presented by Big Valley Mortgage, will offer more taco trucks (30-35 expected) and an expansion of the event to a fenced area on H Street adjacent to Chukchansi Park. The Fresno Grizzlies will play as the Fresno Tacos, in full black & zarape-patterned Tacos uniforms.



Not feeling up to going to work on Friday? Dr. Al Pastor has you covered.

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